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Italy, on trail of Mafia boss, seizes villas, yacht and more

Nov 24, 2018

Italian anti-Mafia authorities have confiscated 1.5 billion euros ($1.67 billion) in property they link to longtime fugitive boss

On tiny Linosa, it's easy to adopt island's relaxed rhythms

Oct 3, 2018

On tiny Linosa, there are no hotels, but islanders open up their simple homes to those relaxed rhythms

Pope warns Lithuanians against rebirth of anti-Semitism

Sep 23, 2018

Pope Francis warned Sunday against the rebirth of the "pernicious" anti-Semitic attitudes that fueled the Holocaust as he marked the annual remembrance for Lithuania's centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II

Mass tourism threatens Croatia's 'Game of Thrones' town

Sep 21, 2018

The Croatian town of Dubrovnik, which has been used to film 'Game of Thrones,' is a prime example of the negative effects of mass tourism.

AP PHOTOS: Czech 'ghost church' gets new life from tourism

Sep 5, 2018

AP PHOTOS: Czech 'ghost church' gets new life from tourism

AP Interview: Photographer documented 1968 Soviet invasion

Aug 19, 2018

Powerful images taken by photographer Josef Koudelka of the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia still resonate 50 years later

Italian alpine valley evacuated after landslide kills 2

Aug 7, 2018

Officials have evacuated a valley in northwestern Italy after a huge landslide swept away several cars along a well-traveled road, killing a couple trapped inside one

Lithuanian capital to launch 'G-spot' ad before papal visit

Aug 7, 2018

Tourism officials in Lithuania's capital are coming under fire from the Catholic Church for a provocative advertising campaign to promote the city as Pope Francis prepares to visit the country next month

Italian antique desk once displayed in NYC's Met recovered

Jul 24, 2018

Italy police say they have recovered an 18th century ebony desk that was illegally taken abroad after World War II and ended up in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art

Archaeologists urge Albania to protect underwater heritage

Jul 3, 2018

Researchers are urging Albanian authorities to build a museum to display hundreds of Roman and Greek artifacts and ancient shipwrecks that are sitting under Albania's least explored coastline

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