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Vatican, Rome's Jewish Museum, team up for first joint show

Feb 20, 2017

The museums of the Vatican and Rome's ancient Jewish community are hosting their first joint exhibit, building on decades of improved Catholic-Jewish relations following centuries of mistrust

Albania promotes its underwater archaeology, for tourism

Feb 13, 2017

Albania is promoting the archaeological finds in the waters off its southwest coast to raise public interest and to attract attention of decision-makers who can help preserve the discoveries.

Lithuanian tourism brouhaha after photos used from elsewhere

Feb 10, 2017

The head of Lithuania's state tourism agency has resigned after admitting her agency promoted the Baltic country in an international social media campaign by using landscape photos taken in other countries

Milan's Brera protects artworks after humidity system fails

Jan 15, 2017

The director of Milan's famous Brera Art Gallery says no works were irreversibly damaged after the museum's humidity control system failed during a "once-in-a-decade" dry, cold spell

17 stolen masterpieces returned to Italy with only scratches

Dec 21, 2016

Seventeen masterpieces valued at some 17 million euros were returned to Italy from Ukraine Wednesday, with little more than scratches to show from their ordeal, after being stolen by masked and armed robbers from a Verona art museum last year

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