Mother sperm whale and baby dead in fishing net off Italy

Jun 20, 2019

An Italian environmental group is reporting the sighting of a dead mother sperm whale and its baby, which became tangled in a fishing net in the Tyrrhenian sea off Italy

Versace to Emporio: Men's looks shine, literally, in Milan

Jun 15, 2019

Versace shows flexibility with gender boundaries in new menswear collection that seeks new ways to express male sexiness

Russian doping whistleblower gives more evidence on biathlon

Jun 11, 2019

A panel investigating corruption and doping in biathlon says it has received 'significant' new evidence from a Russian doping whistleblower

The Latest: Death toll rises to 19 in Danube tour boat crash

Jun 6, 2019

Hungarian police say the death toll has increased to 19 in the case of the tour boat that capsized and sank last week after colliding in Budapest with a cruise ship on the Danube River

5 injured in Venice as cruise ship slams into tourist boat

Jun 2, 2019

Italian officials say a cruise ship has slammed into a dock and a tourist riverboat on a busy Venice canal, injuring five people

A huge cruise ship has rammed into a dock and a tourist river boat on a busy canal in Venice

Jun 2, 2019

A huge cruise ship has rammed into a dock and a tourist river boat on a busy canal in Venice

The Latest: Seoul says tourists did not wear life jackets

May 30, 2019

South Korean Foreign Ministry says South Korean tourists in the deadly boat collision in Budapest weren't wearing life jackets

Venice Biennale invites heavy thinking on political issues

May 10, 2019

Political issues that excite newsprint, airwaves and social media are getting a very open airing at the 58th Venice Biennale contemporary art fair

Off to a new life: 3 Albanian lions sent to Dutch cat center

May 7, 2019

Three lions from Tirana Zoo in Albania have been sedated and in about 48 hours will wake up at their new home, the Felida Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands

Whose poo is this? Prague Zoo takes a closer look at dung

May 7, 2019

After producing plenty of elephant dung and other manure for years, Prague Zoo has capitalized on its expertise by creating a new permanent exhibit on the world of animal excrement

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