Austrian voters concerned about immigration, Islam

Oct 14, 2017

After bruising political campaigns, Austrian political parties are heading into an election that could turn the country rightward after decades of centrist governance amid voter concerns over immigration and Islam

Reports: Italian priest kidnapped in southern Nigeria

Oct 13, 2017

Reports: Italian priest kidnapped at gunpoint in southern Nigeria

Austria's national vote Sunday: Questions and answers

Oct 13, 2017

Some questions and answers about Austria's national election on Sunday and its significance for the country and beyond

Activist, shark-suited man cited over Austria face cover ban

Oct 9, 2017

Austrian police have issued citations to two people who contravened a law banning full face coverings

Shark-suit wearer runs afoul of Austria's "burqa ban" law

Oct 9, 2017

An Austrian law that forbids any kind of full-face covering including Islamic veils has claimed an unusual victim _ a man wearing a shark suit

Austria: Scandal hurts Social Democrats ahead of Oct 15 vote

Oct 5, 2017

Chancellor Christian Kern's chances of re-election in Austria next week are shrinking amid a political scandal involving a now-disgraced adviser

Vatican urges online protections for kids amid porn scandal

Oct 3, 2017

The Vatican secretary of state is urging law enforcement agencies, governments and social media sites to take responsibility to protect children from online sexual abuse, even as one of his diplomats is caught up in a child porn investigation

Vatican No. 2 opens online abuse seminar amid porn scandal

Oct 2, 2017

The Vatican's secretary of state is headlining an international conference on protecting children from online sexual abuse and exploitation, weeks after he recalled one of his diplomats who was caught up in an investigation into child porn

Pope urges Europeans to embrace unity, reject nationalism

Oct 1, 2017

Pope Francis is urging Europeans not to fear unity and to put aside nationalistic and other self-interests

Austria's 'Burqa Ban' law comes into force

Oct 1, 2017

A law that forbids any kind of full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa, has come into force in Austria

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