Lithuanian capital to launch 'G-spot' ad before papal visit

Aug 7, 2018

Tourism officials in Lithuania's capital are coming under fire from the Catholic Church for a provocative advertising campaign to promote the city as Pope Francis prepares to visit the country next month

Pope adviser blasts pro-crucifix bill in Italy: 'Hands off!'

Jul 25, 2018

A close adviser to Pope Francis criticized legislation to require Italy's public institutions ti display a crucifix, saying the religious symbol isn't "a team emblem" to be shown for political ends

Ex-official facing trial recognized as refugee in Belarus

Jul 18, 2018

A former Ukrainian defense minister accused of embezzling $2 million has been granted refugee status in neighboring Belarus

Greece hints at Russian diplomats' expulsion

Jul 11, 2018

Greece's government spokesman suggests Russian diplomats stationed in the country may be expelled over unlawful acts

Armenian church displays significant relic amid tensions

Jul 7, 2018

Armenia's dominant church has put a significant Christian relic on display after rumors that a part of it had been sold prompted protesters to occupy a main church administrative building

Pope denounces 'murderous indifference' by powers in Mideast

Jul 7, 2018

Pope Francis on Saturday denounced the "murderous indifference" that has allowed violence to consume the Middle East and drive tens of thousands of Christians from their homes

The Latest: Hungary asked to delay vote on 'Stop Soros' bill

Jun 18, 2018

Experts within the Council of Europe are asking Hungarian lawmakers to delay passage of a bill that would penalize people who assist refugees with up to a year in prison

The Latest: Merkel, allies head for showdown over migration

Jun 13, 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is heading for a showdown with her conservative allies in a dispute over whether to turn back some refugees at the border

Jewish museum in Cyprus aims to build bridges to Arab world

Jun 6, 2018

A new Jewish museum in Cyprus aims to be a bridge-builder to the Arab world and beyond, a place where visitors who may never set foot in Israel can learn about the Jewish faith, the Holocaust and the tumultuous beginnings of the Jewish state.

Pope nixes German plan to allow Communion for non-Catholics

Jun 5, 2018

Pope Francis has told German bishops they can't publish guidelines on whether non-Catholic spouses may receive Communion, saying the issue concerns the broader Catholic Church and is too important to be dealt with at the local level

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