The Latest: Merkel, allies head for showdown over migration

Jun 13, 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is heading for a showdown with her conservative allies in a dispute over whether to turn back some refugees at the border

Jewish museum in Cyprus aims to build bridges to Arab world

Jun 6, 2018

A new Jewish museum in Cyprus aims to be a bridge-builder to the Arab world and beyond, a place where visitors who may never set foot in Israel can learn about the Jewish faith, the Holocaust and the tumultuous beginnings of the Jewish state.

Pope nixes German plan to allow Communion for non-Catholics

Jun 5, 2018

Pope Francis has told German bishops they can't publish guidelines on whether non-Catholic spouses may receive Communion, saying the issue concerns the broader Catholic Church and is too important to be dealt with at the local level

Pope encourages mobster-plagued town to take law's side

Jun 3, 2018

Pope Francis urges residents of mobster-plagued Rome suburb to side with the law, denounce crime clans

Italy's 5-Stars step back from minister's anti-gay remarks

Jun 3, 2018

The 5-Star Movement, one of the two populist parties in Italy's new government, is distancing itself from anti-gay comments made by a minister from its right-wing coalition partner

A dare: Skip the Colosseum and Vatican on a trip to Rome?

May 29, 2018

Even in the days of overtourism, there are plenty of places to find masterpieces and treasures _ even in crowded Rome

The Latest: Macron: Ireland makes history with abortion vote

May 27, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron says that Ireland has made history with its abortion referendum in which voters overwhelmingly chose to abolish a ban on terminations

Some Irish Catholics worried, dismayed after abortion vote

May 27, 2018

Irish Catholics attending Sunday Mass were disappointed with the result of a referendum in which voters opted to legalize abortion and think it reflects the weakening of the Church _ a situation that was unthinkable in Ireland a generation ago

'Quiet revolution' leads to abortion rights win in Ireland

May 26, 2018

Irish voters _ young and old, male and female, farming types and city-bred folk _ endorse expunging abortion ban from their largely Catholic country's constitution by a two-to-one margin

Real-world debates permeate Venice Biennale on architecture

May 26, 2018

Real-world debates permeate Venice Biennale on architecture, from holy sites to urban sprawl

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