Pope Francis recalls cost of war with WWII site visits

Nov 2, 2017

Pope Francis underlines the price of war with visits marking the feast of All Souls to an American cemetery of World War II dead at Nettuno and the site of a Nazi massacre at the Ardeatine Caves

Cleric bans poses by Cyprus churches over lewd wedding photo

Oct 20, 2017

A senior cleric from Cyprus' Orthodox Christian church has banned couples who marry in civil ceremonies to take wedding photos outside churches and chapels in a part of the island that is popular with holidaymakers

Tourist killed by falling masonry in famous Florence church

Oct 19, 2017

A 52-year-old tourist from Spain as was killed Thursday by falling masonry in one of Florence's most famous churches, the Basilica of Santa Croce where such Italian luminaries as Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Niccolo Machiavelli are buried

Hungary: Police search Scientology center in Budapest

Oct 18, 2017

Hungarian police say they are carrying out a search at the Church of Scientology's main center in Budapest

Faces of Holocaust victims projected on Prague synagogue

Oct 16, 2017

Prague's Jewish Museum has launched a new project to honor the victims of the Holocaust

Austrian voters concerned about immigration, Islam

Oct 14, 2017

After bruising political campaigns, Austrian political parties are heading into an election that could turn the country rightward after decades of centrist governance amid voter concerns over immigration and Islam

Reports: Italian priest kidnapped in southern Nigeria

Oct 13, 2017

Reports: Italian priest kidnapped at gunpoint in southern Nigeria

Austria's national vote Sunday: Questions and answers

Oct 13, 2017

Some questions and answers about Austria's national election on Sunday and its significance for the country and beyond

Activist, shark-suited man cited over Austria face cover ban

Oct 9, 2017

Austrian police have issued citations to two people who contravened a law banning full face coverings

Shark-suit wearer runs afoul of Austria's "burqa ban" law

Oct 9, 2017

An Austrian law that forbids any kind of full-face covering including Islamic veils has claimed an unusual victim _ a man wearing a shark suit

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