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Rome waiter is fired for writing gay slur on trattoria bill

Jul 22, 2018

A Rome trattoria owner says she has fired a waiter who added a derogatory term on the bill he gave a gay couple after their dinner

Belgium airspace closed for 2 hours over technical glitch

Jul 19, 2018

Officials in Belgium say the country's airspace was closed off for landings and departures for about two hours because of a technical glitch in the data system of the air safety control center

Ex-official facing trial recognized as refugee in Belarus

Jul 18, 2018

A former Ukrainian defense minister accused of embezzling $2 million has been granted refugee status in neighboring Belarus

EU says Airbnb must change presentation after complaints

Jul 16, 2018

The European Union is giving Airbnb until the end of August to answer some EU complaints that the U.S. company's pricing presentation does not meet EU consumer standards

British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Azerbaijan

Jul 12, 2018

Azerbaijani officials say a British Airways flight carrying 214 people from London to Mumbai has made an emergency landing at a Baku airport

US first lady welcomed in Belgium with music and fashion

Jul 11, 2018

U.S. first lady Melania Trump returns to the international stage, mingling with the spouses of America's closest allies over classical music, fashion and chocolate

Bulgaria slaughters 1,800 head of livestock after PPR outbreak

Jul 11, 2018

US-BULGARIA-PPR:Bulgaria slaughters 1,800 head of livestock after PPR outbreak

Greece hints at Russian diplomats' expulsion

Jul 11, 2018

Greece's government spokesman suggests Russian diplomats stationed in the country may be expelled over unlawful acts

UN says fish production rising, overfishing still a problem

Jul 9, 2018

The U.N. food agency says global fish production is expected to grow 18 percent over the coming decade even as farmed fish production slows down and the numbers of wild-caught fish level off

Italy's anti-migrant minister steals partner party's show

Jul 8, 2018

The leader of Italy's right-wing League party acts like he's the one running the country even though his populist rival and senior coalition partner heads the largest party in Parliament

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